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Unlocking hydrogen economy value with innovative integrated business models & proven technology

Greenhill Energy is an integrated solution-based manufacturer, focussed on upcycling sustainable biomass and landfill waste into low-cost clean hydrogen energy and high-value industrial products for use in existing supply chains. By providing a long-term sustainable alternative to landfill, our vision is to ultimately stop all waste going to landfill.

The Greenhill Energy preferred technology for the conversion of sustainable biomass and landfill waste is the globally proven gasification process. Gasification converts these ‘feedstock’ materials into a syngas that can then be separated into high-quality hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gas streams. These gas streams can be recombined, together with other inputs such as nitrogen and oxygen (sourced from the air), and water in the form of steam, to manufacture high-value products for use locally in existing Australian domestic markets.

Using low-cost, clean H2 for manufacturing, Greenhill Energy aims to become a preferred supplier into existing domestic market supply chains, such as urea for fertilizer.

The production of low-cost H2 allows Greenhill Energy to readily pivot into new H2 supply markets as they emerge and become economic, or for onsite use in emission free high-value firm power generation for the wholesale electricity market.

The ability to utilise CO2 in the manufacturing processes further reduces onsite carbon emissions and realises increased value from waste materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

The Sustainable Future

Our sustainable future is circular. Using technology available today we can produce high value energy products such as hydrogen, fertilisers and synthetic fuels using commonly available inputs, sustainable biomass and landfill waste.

Opportunities for local growers to supply biomass as additional summer crops and source locally manufactured clean fertilizer products creates long-term symbiotic sustainable outcomes.

Diverting waste from landfill for use in proven processes avoids the release of potent methane gas and results in a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhill Energy is investing in technological solutions that will reduce the quantity of waste needing to be sent to landfill.

Greenhill Energy is delivering the future of sustainable energy and manufacturing. Its available today, and its starting in South Australia.

The Greenhill Energy Team

Greenhill Energy Board

NIcholas Mumford

Managing Director

Laura Fell

Executive Chair

Chris Smerdon

Non-Executive Director

Dr Stephen Rodda

Non-Executive Director

Greenhill Energy Management Team

NIcholas Mumford

Chief Executive Officer,

Laura Fell

Company Secretary,

Dr JOhn Thomas

Chief Technical Officer,

Sophia Connelly

External Affairs

Amanda Meggison

Business Manager