Riverbend Energy Hub™ Stage 3

Expansion of Peaking Power & Hydrogen Market Supply

  • Expansion of onsite power generation to include four Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) units for peaking power services (to compliment variable renewable energy wind and solar).
  • A gas pipeline connection with SEAGas.
  • Subject to market conditions by that time, expand hydrogen supply and storage capability for:
    ­- Hydrogen blending with natural gas supply into the four OCGTs (ultimately targeting 100% hydrogen supply for emission free peaking power).
    ­- Supply of hydrogen into the gas network (via the SEAGas connection).
    ­- Supply of hydrogen for refuelling of heavy vehicles as a zero-emission fuel for mobility (as a diesel substitute).
  • Timescale: subject to first receiving all appropriate government and regulatory approvals, and reaching FID for Stage 3, construction could commence in parallel to or after Stage 2.