Riverbend Energy Hub™ Stage 2

Integration of Conventional Hydrogen-to-Urea Manufacturing

  • A second gasification unit will be installed to upscale total feedstock capacity to 120,000 tons per annum.
  • Covered materials handling facilities will also be upscaled to match increase feedstock capacity.
  • Proven syngas clean-up technology will be installed, with specification based on results from Stage 1.
  • Conventional gas separation facilities, post syngas clean-up processing, will separate into gas streams of hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Any remaining residual gasses will be further processed to increase hydrogen yield or directed to the CCGT and used to service onsite power needs.
  • Urea manufacturing with a capacity of around 100,000 tons per annum will be the primary onsite use of the produced hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas streams.
  • Stage 2 will also conduct research into the use of hydrogen as fuel in the CCGT units, which is expected to be claimable under the Research & Development Tax Incentive.
  • Timescale: subject to first receiving all appropriate government and regulatory approvals, and reaching FID for Stage 2, construction could commence within 12 months of Stage 1 operations.

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